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Day 158: Sign of good taste

Jetsmarter is the Uber of jet planes that I'd really want to try this year. But it's pretty expensive. Today I got this offer: "Buy Three or More JetSmarter Memberships and We Will Welcome You With a Free, Round-Trip Charter to a Location of Your Choice!" Yay!

There's only one thing... one membership costs 10 000 dollars, per year... That's pretty far from cheap car ridesharing (but I still think it's good that the planes are used more efficiently than they would be otherwise).

Actually Jetsmarter send me a lot of mails. Last week it was an enthusiastic message from the singer Fergie about how great the Jetsmarter app is. "Be like Fergie and join Jetsmarter".

Now that I think about it, it reminds me a lot of the ads in Life magazine from the late 1950's that I was reading today. (My grandfather had a Life subscription for decades.) Ads made by some constantly smoking and drinking Mad men-guys with sharp suits. At least half of them were for whiskey and expensive watches.

This is my favourite of the ones I saw today though. "These men know guns - and good refreshment!"