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Day 221: What is a job?

Now there are two more episodes of the Sound of Sharing to listen to. In episode five I interview Anne who used to drive Uber Pop. She is a really cool person and mainly did this to meet people. I also talk to the head of Uber Sweden, Alok Alström, the founder of Taskrunner (Swedish platform similar to Taskrabbit) Robin Szekely, and economist Mårten Blix about how the digitalization affects the labour market.

Episode six is about jobs. What is a job? The sharing economy seems to have a potential to change how we look at jobs. At the Oui Share Fest i May I found Esko Kilpi who had really interesting thoughts about this. According to him we need to rethink the whole idea of jobs in the postindustrial era. I think he has a good point and would love to continue that discussion later on. I also talk to Robin Hesselstad, founder and CEO of Buddler, a newly launched Swedish platform where people can help solving any kinds of problems or needs for other people - is that a job?