Day 12: Perhaps you could start with 25 percent?

Guest number 3 is a really nice French student who's in Uppsala for six months and who's already impressed me by wanting to learn Swedish during this short time. He booked on short notice so I quickly had to remove the clothes that were spread out in the apartment.

Me: I'm sorry about all the clothes everywhere. I decided to get rid of 80 percent of them.

Guest: Hm, interesting idea...

Me: Yeah, yesterday I put all my clothes on the floors.

Guest: To get an overview?

Me: Exactly! But I got stuck - I still need to get rid of a couple of hundred items... - and then you were coming.

Guest: Maybe 80 percent is a bit too much? Perhaps you could start with... 25 percent?

Me: Hm... I guess... so far I've managed to sort out 21 percent...

Guest: Did you say you used to study mathematics...