What is this about?

To explore the sharing economy during one year. I will have unknown people sleeping in my home, drive Uber, dine with people I've never met, take care of dogs, rent out my things and more, and I will share the stories here. Since 2016 is a leap year it will be 366 days of sharing.

By as far as possible living in and through the sharing economy I expect to find answers to a lot of questions, like: What is the difference – if any – between the sharing economy and simply economy – or old school sharing? How can the sharing economy affect your private economy?

But most of all I'm interested in the social aspects of the sharing economy. Is this a way technology can help bringing people together? To build trust between strangers? To make people less lonely? How does the sharing economy affect people? How will it affect me? Will it give me new friends? Make me a more outgoing person?

I have a year to find out.

And: since I realized this would be impossible to do without a smartphone I decided to end 2015 by blowing up my old Nokia. 2016 will be the year that I meet people by, finally, going digital.