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Day 12: Superhost!!! :-)

Wow, I'm a superhost! It's insane how excited this makes me. And all I get is a virtual Superhost badge attached to my Airbnb ads. But am I really a superhost? Don't feel like one, am I that good? But with 100 % five star-reviews from 12 guests during 2015 (I started having guests in August) at least Airbnb thinks I am one (you need five star-reviews from at least 80 % of your guests and you can't cancel reservations).


This could of course attract more guests. I've already gotten two new requests since yesterday for June! Guests arriving from the US and from Hong Kong. So cool!

In three months I need to meet the requirements again to remain a Superhost. And this time I might have to work for it, since one guest gave me 3 stars in the category accuracy and 4 stars in the category cleanliness the other day. The first time I don't get only 5 stars. So now I only have 90 % five star-reviews. I have to clean better! And be more accurate!?

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