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Day 13: Comfort zone

There's an expression: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone". I feel I spend a lot of time there now. Every day seems to be about meeting new people in situations that I'm not used to. I wake up and go to sleep having people in my home (this is the easy part). I've been interviewed by the newspaper (and I'm used to be the interviewer), on pod radio and given a talk about the project. I sat a whole day working silent with people I don't know in someone else's home. Yesterday I went to a planning meeting for a Burning Man inspired event where we were given the task "walk around, think about what you want to do and talk to someone you don't know". It sounded simple since I didn't know anyone. But I hate stepping up to people I don't know and say "Hi". And I was supposed to be creative at the same time! I just couldn't. And people there seemed to be really nice!

I don't think I'm an introvert, even though it seems to be a trend to call yourself that. I'm just not comfortable in some situations with other people. Doing some of the things I'm doing during this year is a challenge. Definitely outside my comfort zone. Which, I guess it's a great thing. But it's also pretty exhausting. Right now I just want to curl up in my sofa, watch a movie and don't get any emails about renting jet planes or bizarre art events.

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