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Day 16: Late night acrobatics

It was a Friday evening. Guest no 5 had arrived in the afternoon and was in her room, reading. I was sitting in front of the fire place, listening to some jazz music, drinking a glass of wine and working on this web page, when guests no 6 arrive at 11 pm. Two guys from New York. "Wow, what a nice place! It's so cold outside! A fireplace, that's so cozy!"

- Are you here on vacation?
- No, to teach acrobatics. We could teach you something if you want to?
- Perfect, I want to learn how to do a handstand planche push up.
- No problem! We can do that!
- Or perhaps something easier... 
- Sure, how flexible are you? Oh, we have something for you. Norwegian chocolate.
- Cool, it says "a small adventure" on the wrapping.
- Yes, each bite is a small adventure! You might end up in Brazil if you eat it. So, you're ready to practice how to do a handstand?
- Now?!
- Yes?
- I've had some wine...
- It's ok, I'll catch you.