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Day 19: What am I doing?

A friend sent me a text message today: "Hey, are you at home "working"? "

"Working" - it's not that I'm lazy, I'm spending most of my time awake working with this project, but does it count as a job? And in that case what kind of job? I need to order business cards. But what am I supposed to write on them? What am I? A freelance writer? But I will probably earn more money this year renting out my apartment.

Things I do during a "normal" day: clean rooms, change sheets, laundry, spend time with guests, writing this blog. In a few months I hope to get some income from doing other services as well. So when describing my job, should I focus on what gives me most money? Or what I spend most time doing? Am I a cleaner? Landlady? Writer? Project manager? 

If more people start working - or earning their income - like this we might need to come up with new titles. (And a new view of the labour market.)

In Swedish there is the concept allt-i-allo, meaning someone who does a little bit of everything, which google translates gives the English translation factotum or utility-man. I don't know. Perhaps I should just write:


366 days of sharing

At least it'll give me many opportunities to explain what the project is about.

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