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Day 22: Tatjanas tropical room

Here's my to-do list for the weekend:

  • Take care of guest no 7 and 8. Well, they seem to take care of themselves pretty well.
  • Do an inventory of all the things I have that could be rented/lent out. Then I should list them on as many sites as possible. So far people can borrow/rent my drill, ice cream maker and ski gear.
  • I might actually have found someone interested in renting my skis! Free ski lesson is included.
  • Plan a trip to Gothenburg. I'll probably try some kind of car sharing and then I want to find a nice Airbnb-place to stay. On the other hand, since all the Airbnb hosts I've met so far have been great it might be interesting to try something different for once. Like Tatjanas Tropical room by the sea!. It must be something really special - 230 $ per night (including cleaning fee) is shockingly expensive! But it might be worth it, if you get to meet her friends...