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Day 28: Who doesn't have a mobile phone?!

Today the Korean family arrived. They seemed really tired, so I only met them for about ten minutes. Looking forward to talking to them another day. And they had the cutest little three year old son who was already asleep when he came. The husband asked me about my surf board and told me he'd been surfing in Korea last year. Cool!

They where accompanied to my apartment by a Swedish woman who had picked them up at the airport. I think they were colleagues of some sort and she had the kind of Swedish accent that people in their sixties or older often have. I got the feeling that she had helped enough already.

- So do you need more help?

- No, we’ll be fine.

- How did you find this place?

- We searched on the Internet.

- Aha… (to me in Swedish: )But they can't use the kitchen right?

- Yes, they can use the kitchen.

- Oh. You can use the kitchen. So maybe you should go to the store and buy some breakfast. Do you want me to show you where it is.

- No, we’ll be fine.

- Aha. Ok. … Perhaps I should give you my mobile phone number?

- I think I’ve got your mobile phone number.

- No, you can’t because I don’t have a mobile phone. I’m the only one in Sweden who don’t have a mobile phone.


Sometimes I get the feeling that I have more in common with someone from the other side of the world than with someone from my own town. Even though I was a bit behind on the tech front too until recently...