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Day 30: Great guests - again!

This was such a great day! Like sitting in the kitchen eating pancakes for breakfast. On the kitchen floor is the adorable Korean three year old who is staying here with his parents for the weekend, pretending to be a Transformer. One of the German guys that arrived yesterday is rolling a cigarette and the other one is making some more pancakes. I just love how these guests bring the whole place to life!

In the afternoon I was going to repaint the old bureau I bought the other day, with some help from a neighbour. Can we help? Asked the nice Korean couple. I have to take it outside to smooth the surface, it'll be cold and dusty, I told them. No problem, we'll bring our jackets they said. That's so nice! It took less than 15 minutes to do the job. And it's very boring, so I was glad to get the help. The fun thing is painting. Tomorrow we'll do that!