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Day 284: "Can I play trumpet in the garden?"

Wow, my current guests is such a nice American couple! They're still a bit jet lagged and were up at night to see the Trump/Clinton debate, so this morning they were mostly hanging around in the apartment. She cooked some lentil soup - that smells amazing! - and invited me for dinner this evening. It's a lovely, sunny autumn day here and she asked me about the burial mounds in Gamla Uppsala and how to get there, so I said they could lend my bikes if they want to.

When I went out for a walk and came home at lunch time they were still here and he said:

- I brought a trumpet here. And I was thinking if there is a place where I could practice without disturbing someone? Maybe out in the garden? What do you think? If I go out there and play a little, and you can tell me - honestly - if you think it is too much for the neighbours. Otherwise I brought a mandolin too, so if it's too much I could play that one instead.

Amazing! Who brings both a trumpet and a mandolin for a one week overseas vacation? Now I see why he looked so happy when I played Miles Davis the other day. He told me about this amazing trumpet teacher he'd had who put together a music group for every occasion, marching band for 4th of July, Bach for Christmas, and so on. And I was honestly thrilled about the idea of someone playing trumpet in the garden, so I really encouraged the idea.

But then his wife really wanted to see those burial mounds.

- We need to go now!

- Yes, but this is prioritized.

- Honey, we're on vacation in Uppsala.

So unfortunately no trumpet. I hope he will play some later. At least he played a little mandolin before the went. Bach. I've never heard anyone play Bach on a mandolin.

They're visiting their son who is studying here and it turns out he's playing the piano, he looked through my musical notes when he was here the other day. And the Russian guest staying in the other guest room asked me if it's ok that she use the piano. Awesome!

Maybe we could have a little concert before dinner? "We'll have dinner at eight", said the American woman. Oh, good, I said, then I have time to go to my French conversation class before that. "Oh, you speak French? We do too! Then we can have a French dinner." I'm glad they're staying for almost a week.