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Day 286: Work the way you want to live

When I started this project, some people asked me: "What's your business model?"

At the time I wasn't sure I had one. And a little later I would ask them: "Have you read my blog? I rent out my toilet and do Couchsurfing with nudists - does it look like I have a business model?"

But now I can actually see a business model take form. It could be summarized: Do fun stuff with crazy people. Get paid to talk and write about it.

Not bad, huh?

All jokes aside, I'm really happy to get the opportunity to speak about what I do and about the sharing economy. This morning I was invited to do a presentation at Universal Avenue, a really cool start up, with the slogan "Work the way you want to live". It's a great way to put it and I really like how they give young people the opportunity to have a morea flexible work and lifestyle.

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