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Day 316: Art, food and city tour

When in Amsterdam I decided to try the platform EatWith. I had a few different meal sharing apps to choose between, but found a lunch and city tour that sounded interesting. NEW! Walking tour with Dutch lunch at a local! (red-light district, city centre, museumsquare, canals, architecture).

28 Euros for three hours walk and lunch wasn't super cheap, but an ok price. At 11 am I met Petra, my guide, at the Rijksmuseum. Then she took me for a walk about 1-2 hours. She was very flexible regarding what I was interested in doing." Just let me know if you want to look at any stores. Or if I walk too fast." It was more like taking a walk with a friend, than with a regular tour guide. But with local knowledge. She told me a little bit about the history of different districts of Amsterdam, about hidden churches, and other things I didn't know before. But we also went to an exclusive clothing store with young dutch designers where we spent some time looking at clothes.

After that we walked to her apartment, which was located in the old harbour, now a gentrified area with chic apartments in the old warehouses. Petra is an artist and I had the opportunity to walk around and look at her work, which was very interesting. Then we had Dutch sandwiches for lunch. I can see why the Dutch cuisine is not as famous a the Italian, French or Japanese. But I won't blame Petra for that, the chocolate sprinkles sandwich was the best one I have had.




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