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Day 322: My first Lyft

After the ordeal at the airport I decided to use Lyft for the first time. It worked great! Nothing to complain about there. I downloaded the app, requested a ride. My driver Le'Jon arrived in his silver Chevrolet Malibu after about 15 minutes and drove me to my accomodation (about 30 min) for 29 dollars.

After a while I started seeing a lot of homeless people preparing their shelters for the night. When he started turning around corners I got a bit worried, and yes, this was my neighbourhood. He drove up in front of a dark building, in a dark street. No stores, bars or restaurants what so ever.

- Are you sure it's here? he asked.

- I think so.

- Is there anyone you can call? I don't want to leave you on the street here.

So I called the number I had got from the Airbnb host, and yes, it turned out it was the right place. Unfortunately. But thanks a lot to Le'Jon who waited until he was sure I was let in and not alone.

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