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Day 322: My new friend Tibby

Maybe this neighbourhood is not so bad after all. This morning I wore my 366 Days of Sharing t-shirt, when a man, 60-70 years old, on the corner called "366?... Every fourth year!".

Tonight when I was going out I saw him again.

- Still 366 days? Where are you from?

- Sweden.

- Sweden. I was there 1969.

- Oh, how was it?

- Great. It was in the summer, we went to the mountains and it was snowing. But be careful, this is not Sweden. But there are some nice people in this neighbourhood.

He starts describing the people in the building.

- I have the shop around the corner if you need anything. What do you think of the new president?

- I don't know really. He seems crazy.

- Well, it's better than a real crook. And if he's not good, we can always elect someone else in four years.

We've now reached his car.

- My name is Tibby. This is my shop, it's open from 8 in the morning til 5 pm. If you need help with anything.

- Thank you, that's very nice.

- Everyone needs a friend sometimes. Especially if you're in a foreign country.

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