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Day 324: Boobie time

I have to say it's been an amazing experience to be at a conference with 7000 Airbnb hosts who all are curious and open to strangers. Everywhere I went there were people who would say hi and start a conversation with you.

Like the blonde woman in her 70s who I bumped into yesterday. She asked me where I was from and then told me she was half Swiss, half German. "But I've been living in the US 53 years. Already when I was 13 I knew I wanted to explore the world. I came here in the early 1960's because where I came from you didn't have many opportunities if you were poor, but I knew that here you could do better if you were hard working and smart. Especially if you're smart."

Then she went on talking about all the things she didn't like about her new home country. The school system, the lack of environmentalism, the junk food.

Now she was living in northern California in a farm.

"I have cows, sheep, goats. The kids love it there. Sometimes guests arrive late. I need to get up early so at nine I'm in my jammies. Then I ask them: "You wanna see some boobie time? Come by at seven tomorrow morning." I mean the goats, of course. I have a milking machine, but if the guests want they can try to hand milk them. Do you know who are best at milking? Kids, six-seven years old. It comes natural for them, for some reason.

Then I have rabbits too. They're just opening their eyes now. That's when they're cutest. But later I eat them of course. I say that to the guests: 'They're cute now. And they taste good later.' "

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