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Day 334: Uber saved me

View from the train window.

View from the train window.

Ok, this was supposed to be posted on Sunday, but for different reasons it didn't happen, so you'll have to imagine I'm writing this on Sunday morning:

Now I'm heading north after an amazing week with my friends in San Diego. Including my first Thanksgiving ever. That was a great experience, with family, lots of good, mostly Mexican, food and games. We went to the mountains to celebrate Thanksgiving, where it was typical autumn weather and yellow leaves everywhere. Now I'm down by the sea again, and here it's more like a Swedish summer. The view from the train is amazing as the railroad sometimes goes less than 100 meters from the sea. I just saw a few surfers out there in the water!

Yesterday me and my friends went out to drink some beers. San Diego is the mecca of craft beers and it was of course nice to discover this. Although it nearly made me miss the train this morning.

My alarm was set on 5.15, but I snoozed and I woke up at 5.48. My train was leaving at 6.06. OMG! I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes over the pajamas, grabbed my things and sent for an Uber. Which arrived within five minutes.

But then the driver drove extremely slowly... I saw the minutes go by with increasing frustration. But just as I was about to give up, she pulled up in front of the station. 6.04. I took my bags, ran to the tracks and jumped on the first train I saw without knowing where it was heading.

Luckily it was the right one.

So thanks a lot Uber for saving me! At least I didn't miss my eight hour, 75 dollar, train ride. Even though it would of course have been nice to have had a shower, brushed my teeth, and not wearing a pajamas...

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