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Day 336: My first tongue taco

Yesterday I moved to a new place. I wanted to find some Couchsurfer to save some money, but it's always so hard. 29 000 hosts in San Francisco - how to choose? And then in the end it turns out most of them never logged in and never hosted anyway. I ended up sending two requests. One of them answered, some guy interested in meditation, "emphatic communication" etc. I wasn't even sure I really felt like staying there, but he didn't have time to host me anyway.

But I found an Airbnb place in a house on top of a hill with a great view over the ocean. I can see the waves from the window now. I share a room with a sweet Indian computer scientist who, like so many people here, has her goal set on working for some startup in Silicon Valley.

Most of the time these few days in San Francisco I've spent in the Mission District, which is an interesting mix of misery and tech. Yesterday evening I went to some taco place that was supposed to be good.

It looked pretty dicey, but I guess that could mean they have great tacos. At least the options were interesting: tongue, brain etc. So I ordered a tongue taco and was just eating it, thinking about whether I should order my first brain taco ever or not when a man came in to ask for leftovers from the other guests.

I don't have any medical training but if I would have guessed I'd say he had lepra. And was probably, like so many others here, living on the street.

If you read about the Mission District online there are lots of articles about gentrification. Makes me wonder what it used to be like.

In the end I decided not to have the brain taco and ordered an UberPool back to my place instead.

UberPool - awesome service! So cheap!

One driver even took me for a small sightseeing. Going home in the evening I shared a car with two tech nerds who in less than 20 minutes managed to cover Pokémon go, VR, autonomous cars, augmented reality, Google glasses, Tesla and Uber.

When I, as the last one, got out on my street the driver said:

- I'm sorry for boring you.

- Well, isn't this what everyone is talking about in this city?

- Not necessarily. This was an unusually nerdy conversation.

Unusually... I kind of doubt that.

Choice of meats

Choice of meats

Just a regular tongue taco

Just a regular tongue taco

The view

The view