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Day 347: Rent my skis!

As these 366 days are coming to an end - only 19 left now! - I feel that some things repeat themselves. A new winter is here. Today it's a beautiful, snowy winter's day in Uppsala and maybe someone would be tempted to rent my skis this winter?

I didn't have much luck renting them out last winter, and to be honest, I have hardly rented out any stuff at all. No drill, no bike, no toilet. That has been one of the least successful parts of the project, I guess.

But who cares. So many other weird and fantastic things have happened during this year. Yes, some things repeat themselves. But on other levels I feel than even now, as I write this, in the same physical spot as I wrote my first blog posts less than a year ago, I've traveled very far.

Maria ErikssonComment