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Day 366: Next year

Wow, what happened? December went by in a never ending row of parties, dinners, lunches and other gatherings with friends. One of the most frequent questions is what I'm gonna do next year. For a long time I didn't know for sure myself. But I was pretty confident some new opportunity would show up. And it did. I'm going to Argentina!

It'll be a new adventure. I'm moving to Rosario, a city where I was nine years ago for three days. So more or less everything will be new there.

Among other things I look forward to see what the sharing economy is like there and to explore lifestyles related to digitalization. For example I found a conference in Buenos Aires in March about digital nomads that I plan to visit.

That also means that I will continue to use this website (and hopefully have time to work more on the other pages) to write about what I discover there, even though this diary of my 366 days in the sharing economy will end today.

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