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Day 48: Vint evaluation

With Fredrik Andersson, who introduced TRX in Sweden.

With Fredrik Andersson, who introduced TRX in Sweden.

Ok, a small evaluation of the Vint app and today's training.

The app looks nice and is fairly simple to use. There is a reasonable amount of different work outs to choose from. And it was very convenient to book a gym class. I really like that idea that you can book just one class instead of having to get the whole membership thing. Especially if you're traveling or want to try something new that's convenient. 

So I was going to try TRX for the first time. I arrived at the gym where I was supposed to meet the trainer a quarter or so before we're about to start. But when I see him and ask about this he looks completely puzzled. "Uh, I'm already booked at eleven..." At least he's free an hour later, so we agree to do the introduction then instead.

This did not give me a good impression. And I had already paid for the thing. (Perhaps the payment wouldn't have gone through if I had indicated that the thing had been canceled?) Anyway, it turned out that he had registered in the app half a year ago. And no one had requested his services through it during this time. And he had changed his email address, so he hadn't been able to see any notifications.

So I won't blame it on the app. Even though they might be interested in checking once in a while that the providers still remember they're listed in the app. 

On the other hand, the training was good. Apparently this was the man that had introduced TRX in Sweden, so he knew these things. And he was good at explaining the exercises and adjust them to my level. So I'm very satisfied with the work out, and I think 200 SEK for 45 minutes was a good price too. I could definitely imagine doing it again, but I think I will start by trying some of these exercises at my regular gym.

But, I have booked another class for next week through Vint - parkour. If someone feel like joining it would be great to have some company. Here's a promo code if you sign up for Vint: vh6tcb9 ‪And the parkour is only 20 SEK - that's nothing!

My plan is to try more of these sports classes. Especially training related to upper body strength and core stability, like parkour, perhaps some gymnastics, if available, and pole fitness. Because I have a special goal that I will reveal a little bit later...