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Day 49: Beta testing Buddler

A really cool new platform called Buddler will be launched soon and I'm proud to be one of the beta testers. I've tried it for two days now and the idea is that you can request almost anything and then hopefully get some bids, which you might then discuss with the bidder. It has actually solved a couple of problems for me already. Like finding someone who wants to join me for parkour next Thursday. I'm offering to pay for the parkour class and bring some hot beverage, since it'll be outdoors. And I might have found someone who can help fix an audio file I've had a problem with for a couple of months.

At this stage the important thing is of course to test how well all the features work rather than finding solutions to actual problems. But it really seems like a cool idea. And as long as there are enough people in the system, requesting things and placing bids it could be a great forum for solving almost any kind of problems. In other words, I can't wait for the real launch to happen!

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