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Day 54: I need money - rent my surfboard

On Monday I will show how much I've earned this month, but I can already see that February isn't going to be a great month. So far my only sources of income (in the sharing economy) are Airbnb and babysitting once. And one guest who was going to stay here for ten days in March just cancelled. I still earn some money as a freelance writer, but it's not a lot. And if the idea is to live entirely off what I earn from this project I have to work on it.

I don't think renting out things will solve the problem. Renting out my skis haven't been very lucrative so far... to say the least. But any little contribution is welcome, so I've also listed my two bikes and my surfboard on Spinlister. I'm not sure I really want to rent out my board. But on the other hand, the surfing in Uppsala sucks, so I think there's a very slim chance that someone will actually request it. The bikes on the other hand I have some hope for.

I've also listed them on Rentl. And on Grannsaker. Where I also lend out some things for free, you can see all the items here.

And I've added some more kitchen appliances to Streetbank, where people can borrow them for free. So it won't give me any money. But either way, I'd be glad if someone wants to use them. If you feel like making some pasta or waffels you should definitely register on either of these sites and borrow my pasta maker or waffle maker.

Now I can't really think of any more of my stuff that people could be interested in renting... So the next step is finding other ways to earn money...