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Day 56: Twenty four moose sausages to Palo Alto

Tomorrow I'll write about the parkour lesson. But the craziest thing I did today was something completely different. Every once in a while I check Taskrunner for tasks that I could do. It's hard. Many of them require things I lack. Like a car or some specific handy man skills. But yesterday I found the perfect mission.

To buy twenty four sausages and ship them to the US - I can do that! There was one bidder who had asked for 600 SEK. So I said I could do it for 300. And it took only a couple of minutes before I got a mail that the deal was closed.

Now this was the moment when I, maybe for the first time since I started this project, started thinking - what the heck am I doing? I'm going to Södermalm in Stockholm to buy twenty four moose and pork sausages and send them to Palo Alto?! This is too crazy.

And then I realized - is this even legal? Possible? Don't they need cold storage? Well, it turns out than bringing meat to the US is usually illegal. With a clear: sausage - no from the US Customs and Border Protection. I still have no idea what kind of sausages we're talking about. But I decide it's best to let the buyer know something might go wrong.

And he answers: "Let's give it a chance!"

Allright. So I go there and it turns out it's vacuum sealed cured and smoked sausages. They don't need cold storage! And they probably count as "Salami and other cured deli products" which means that they in "some" cases are allowed to be brought in the US. So I agree, let's give it a chance. It also meant I didn't have to think about any special packaging, but I bought one of these. Now let's hope they arrive at Matt's place in a week or so. And as promised Matt reimbursed all my expenses via PayPal within an hour or so. Great!