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About living one year in the sharing economy…

Day 60: February in numbers

Income from Airbnb: 9852 SEK

Income from Taskrunner: 700 SEK (babysitting + sending sausages)

Total: 10 552 SEK

So it's less than February :-( but it's at least more than one source of income.

I've had 16 guests from Sweden, the UK, Switzerland, Australia and Germany.

This month I went on a trip to Gothenburg. It cost me 1050 SEK for the travel and accomodation, thanks to car sharing, one Airbnb night, train back and two nights for free in a friends apartment. If I had payed for train tickets and stayed in hotels I guess it would have cost at least three times as much.

Then I've tried the training app Vint twice. Forty five minutes introduction to TRX for 200 SEK - which seems to be at least half the price compared to what personal training usually costs - and one hour of parkour/gymnastics for 20 SEK.

I've participated in one breakfast and one panel discussion about the sharing economy.  

And I've become a beta tester of the new platform Buddler.

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