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Day 40: Valentine's special for kids <3

On Sunday it's Valentine's day which is not celebrated a lot here in Sweden. But I have a couple of friends who wanted me to babysit so they can go to a restaurant. The put the task on Taskrunner and we agreed on 400 SEK for three hours baby sitting. I'm looking forward to that!

Who knows, there there might be people who would like to go out and eat on Saturday instead. So me and a friend decided we will make a special evening for kids. They can come to my home, have Spaghetti Bolognese, watch Disney movies and do crafts with us. We think 500 SEK is a reasonable price for an evening including food and crafts material. It's not just babysitting, we'll make sure they have a great evening too!

So if you know any parents in Uppsala who wants babysitting on Saturday just let me know!