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Day 79: What if you get the stomach flu?

That's one of the questions people ask me. Luckily I don't remember last time it happened. Imagine having the house full of guests and... yeah, you know what it's like. What a nightmare!

And I really hope that none of the guests get the stomach flu either...

But if I'd get ill, I'd just have to deal with it. And I'm kind of used having people around now. At the moment the pollen season have started, so I sniffle and sneeze all the time. But that's about the worst that's happened so far. Some days I've been pretty tired, but then I just take a nap on the sofa in the living room, since I don't really have a room of my own anymore. I also had a guest who had fever and who was ill for more or less two weeks, spending a lot of time in his room. It wasn't bothering me, but I felt really sorry for him and tried to do whatever I could to help. Offering to get books at the library, making tomato soup and ginger tea.

But while we're at it, the more guests you have - 37 completed trips as a host since I started in August - the more likely it is that someone will get the stomach flu or something similar. At some point it has to happen I guess. Luckily I was taught how to clean up vomit at summer camp as a kid.

Another thing I'm kind of fearing is that at some point someone will wet their bed. It could happen. And the bed would be ruined. And I would have to take care of the wet sheets. And... let's not think about this anymore.

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