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Day 84: The French way to mend shoes

You know when you're tired and slightly hungover and would rather spend the evening on the sofa. But you have to go to parkour class because you've agreed to post 15 photos on the Göteborgs stads official sustainability Instagram account during one week and have to do at least two Instagram worthy things every day. And you know that when you come home you have to make the mustard sauce for the pickled herring for the Easter lunch on Saturday. And clean the guestroom for the Dutch couple who is arriving at half past midnight. And tomorrow morning the reality show starts all over again when you have to do Hoffice and meet some new strangers and work from their home and eat shrimp omelette with them. That's me in this picture.









And then I come home and I see this and I don't know what it is, but I'm guessing it's the way French people mend their shoes. Crazy!