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Day 88: Waffles and Japanese futons

Everyone liked the waffles.

Everyone liked the waffles.

I've really enjoyed Easter. Even though I almost feel like I need a vacation now after all the cooking, and dishing etc. But the brunch yesterday went very well, at least I think so. Even if there was only one guest who had booked through the app AirDine. But together with the French guy and a close friend of mine, we had a really nice time, eating herring and waffles for almost four hours! And talking about Japanese sleeping futons, pig slaughtering, how Thailand is ruled and many other interesting things. I'm especially interested in the futon thing since I now sleep on a mattress in the dining room, and I'd really like to keep it as a dining room, so I don't want to have a bed there. A futon that I can easily hide away during the day seems like an aesthetic alternative. And perhaps one step closer to learning how to sleep directly on the floor - that would be so cool. (I know what you think: "you're crazy!")

Now I've just rated the guest in the application (I gave him five stars). It can feel a bit weird rating someones behaviour but I think that these rating systems have an important purpose, building trust between people.

Soon I should find a date to arrange a new thing, a dinner perhaps. It would be really cool if a thing like Airdine would get more users, for example in Uppsala. So stay tuned!