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About living one year in the sharing economy…

Day 91: March in numbers

Income from Airbnb: 4452 SEK

Income from Taskrunner: 500 SEK (cleaning)

Income from Airdine: 127,50 SEK

And I've also had one guest renting a room for a month for 4000 SEK

Total: 9 079,5 SEK

So again, it's less than the month before, but I've diversified the incomes a little bit more.

I've had 13 guests from Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Norway and the US. 

There's a big interest in the sharing economy, which has also kept me busy. I've been interviewed by Medievärlden and talked about my project and the sharing economy for the conservative party in Stockholm, at the think tank Timbro and at the student organizations FMSF and Heimdal. And I've had at least as many lunch meetings about my project.

That's great, but next month I really have to do more jobs through Taskrunner or something else.