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Day 116: Business model?

Sometimes people ask me: "What is your business model?". Hahaha. Business model? Does it look like I have a business model? Except hanging out with nudists and acrobats?

By the way someone borrowed my drill today. He found it on Streetbank. (So now both the ice cream maker and the drill are getting useful somewhere else. But if anyone feels like making waffles or pasta or sewing something, let me know!) Well, honestly I already know this guy from Hoffice. He lives across the street and was also the only AirDine guest for my Easter brunch. Sometimes it feels like the sharing economy locally depends on very few people. Still, I think it's a great idea, I won't use the drill soon anyway.

But lending out a drill for free is not much of a business model. Anyway, I wished my friend good luck with the drilling. And he wished me:  "Good luck with the nudist!" Thanks. I guess...