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About living one year in the sharing economy…

Day 122: April in numbers

Income from Airbnb: 15 847 SEK

Income from Djenee: 800 SEK (cleaning)

Income from Shpock: 80 SEK

Total: 16 727 SEK

Actually, I'm not sure if the Djenee and the Shpock posts really should count as sharing economy. But - wow! What a difference compared to the other months. I almost doubled the earnings in the sharing economy, mostly thanks to a lot of Airbnb guests. In April there was only one night without any guests at all. I also raised the price for some dates, for example the popular holiday of Valborg.

I did some interviews this month too, one for Framtidspodden (a pod cast done at the Royal Institute of Technology, it will be online in September) and one for economy web channel EFN (not online yet). And also participated in the Stora Transportdagen as a speaker. 

Someone borrowed my ice cream maker and the drill.

I also spent some money in the sharing economy, viz for AirDine meals: 30 SEK + 50 SEK and some Airbnb accomodation: 1000 SEK (5 nights here). Which saved me, probably at least 2000 kronor, compared to ordinary restaurants and hotels.

April was sometimes a bit stressful, because of some cash flow problems and a lot of work. But the day before I flew to France I had another one of those fortune cookies, which said: "Everything goes just fine. Success." Funny. Because that's exactly how things turned out. So many good things suddenly happened at once.

Four months means that I've done a third of the project. And even if it's a lot of work, I'm so grateful for all the interesting people I get to meet. Many times I have the feeling that one year will be over too soon. I think I really needed some vacation... But I also really look forward to the next eight months of this!