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Day 123: Non

Unfortunately Christine didn't have time to diner with me either.

"Bonjour Maria, je suis désolée de devoir refuser mais je suis absente en ce moment. Cordialement Christine"

There are a couple of other diners and lunches available. Dalia, who has worked in a restaurant, serves a dinner with something that looks like shrimps in grapefruit halves for 30 Euros, Jf makes an elaborate three course dinner with wine for 43 Euros. Thierry loves to barbecue, and grills chicken, lamb or pork for 30 Euros for lunch or dinner. But honestly, I'm not really interested in any of them. And there are so many great bars and restaurants here (ask me in the comments if you want some recommendations) where I can get a meal for about the same price. So I think I'll try to find something more interesting when I go to Paris.

Which is another "problem". I thought I'd leave my surf board in Biarritz and take a Blablacar (it could be hard to fit the board in a regular car for an eight hour drive). But there are not a lot of options. I think the best so far is Séverine who are passing both Biarritz and Paris. But she's driving at night, which means I will end up in some Paris suburb at 3.30 am. For 53 Euros. And there are Eurolines buses for 25 Euros - with wifi. Is it really worth taking a Blablacar just for the sake of this project?