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Day 141: Meanwhile in Uppsala

While I'm in Paris I have two guests, a Korean guy and one Australian in my apartment. Since I have only good experiences so far, I trust them to be alone there. But someone had to give them keys. I asked my mum this time and got enthusiastic messages from the guests yesterday night. Like: "Yep, got in okay and everything is fine. Your apartment is really nice. Had a nice long conversation with your mum too."

Great. So I text my mum: "Thank you for the help with the guests. Heard they had nice conversations with you."

Got this answer: "The Korean guy wanted to do laundry and since I don't know how to do it at your place I took him to my house and then a sightseeing tour. The Australian was very talkative so I know a lot about him."

Wow! That's way more than I expected. Superhost class. Thank you mum!