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Day 146: Make yourself at home

I have a really sweet Canadian couple in their 50's as guests now. My favourite guests are always those who make themselves at home and don't spend all their time in their room. It makes me feel as a better host if they're comfortable here, and the apartment is so big anyway. It has two floors (guest rooms on the second floor), and a big living room, a dining room and a kitchen on the first floor. So even with guests, there's still a lot of space. And it's also nice with some company.

This couple cooks food, drinks a glass of wine in the kitchen or sits in the dining room reading or working. Today the wife wanted to do some laundry, so I helped her with that. And this evening I made some granola and the husband came by:

- Oh, it smells delicious.

- I'll put it in the jar, you can take some for breakfast if you want to.

After three nights it almost feels as if they live here.