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Day 152: May in numbers

Income from Airbnb: 17 009 SEK

Income from Airdine: 306 SEK (but that barely covers my expences for the dinner)

Total: 17 315 SEK

So it's a little better than April.

I'm really happy about the Airbnb stats though. 17 000 kronor is not bad. And I've had 31 guests from 17 cities, wow! In one month! And some guests from countries as far away as South Korea, Peru, Philippines etc.

I also spent some money on Airbnb in France. I was travelling 11 nights in May and spent 3708 for that (including one Couchsurfing night for free, and two pretty expensive nights).

I didn't earn any money at all on Airpnp, since the app still doesn't seem to work!!

But it gave me a lot of media. Four Swedish newspapers interviewed me about my toilet! And everyone I know that I've met for the last two weeks have asked me about it.

Swedish television also did a reportage about my project.

Tomorrow I'll be interviewed live on Swedish radio, the program Plånboken i P1 at 10 am.