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Day 165: Poledancing with Bianca

Timebanks are an interesting phenomenon. The basic idea seems to be that one hour of my time is as much worth as one hour of yours. So if I work one hour, I can get one hour of work from someone else.

The only Swedish timebank I know of is called Timevillage (if anyone knows of any other, please post a link in the comments). People offer anything from business coaching to "help to find love".

Since I want to see how it works I sent a message to Bianca Lovecraft about a pole dancing lesson. But she hasn't answered in a month... :-(

Now I'm hoping I'll have better luck with the kizomba teacher. Kizomba is an Angolan dance I had never heard of before logging on to Timevillage. Judging from this youtube clip it doesn't look too complicated, as long as you get that basic move right...