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Day 168: Maria McGyver

Ok, it was about packing, not unpacking boxes today. Two shelves of books which I packed in 10-15 boxes, just as agreed. It didn't take very long at all, a little more than an hour. Then I helped carrying some things to recycling, another hour or so. On Sunday I will help the same woman to unpack boxes in her new apartment.

Here's another thing I helped some friends with. They had dropped the power cord behind the fridge and they couldn't pull the fridge out because of the radiator. I figured out how to pick it up by putting three hangers together and using a mirror. #McGyver And I was flexible enough to put my head through the little hole above the fridge to see what I was doing. They were so happy they invited me for dinner tonight. (It looks like my feet are very big in the photo. They are not.)

So if you need help with something, just send me a message! I'll do most things for a homecooked meal.

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