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Day 223: July in numbers

In July the only incomes I've hade in the sharing economy was from Airbnb, 12 441 kronor. I had blocked a few days in the calendar to have some days off and more room for a visiting friend, so that gives some explanation why it's less than previous months. I also rented out the whole apartment for six days to a family who are friends' of a friend and gave them some discount. I'm not sure I'd do it again. Not because they weren't good guests - they were excellent, left the whole apartment more clean than when they came here- but because it felt a bit strange being in Uppsala and not being able to go into my home. I have some great friends that let me use their house since they were on vacation. So I used their house for free, and rented out my place for money. Sounds like a good deal! But I missed my place. If I do it again I'll make sure to go on vacation those days. Otherwise I think I prefer renting out just rooms.