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Day 230: I went to a lovecoach

For the seventh episode of the Sound of Sharing I went to a love coach. I found him on Timevillage, a site where people offer to help other people with all sorts of things, under an ad that said "do you want to find love?" - who wouldnt?

On Timevillage people share knoledge like how to make tiramisu, speak Swedish or to do a web page. The idea is that if someone helps me an hour or so, I should be willing to help someone else and hour. I really like the concept. It's not like a strict timebank where the idea is more to replace a monetary economy with a barter economy, but rather a way of sharing your knowledge and time as a way to meet people.

For me the conversation with the love coach was very valuable. We met for two and a half hours and talked about my childhood, my friends, relationships to parents etc, and tried to figure out what's important for me in a relation. It made me realize some things about myself that I wasn't so clear about before. And who knows, some day I might even "find love"...