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Day 260: The pros and cons of sleeping in a hammock

Yesterday I talked to a neighbour. He was a bit worried about me sleeping on a mattress (my neighbours are great). "Why don't you get a bed? Or a cabinet bed? Google it!"

Yeah, I know. They're probably great. I told him I'm thinking about getting a hammock instead.

Turned out he was a great hammock fan. He had one for outdoor use, with mosquito net and told me all about it. "It can get cold at night." Well I don't think that would be a problem indoors.  A mosquito net could be useful though, if I get a fruit fly invasion.

My neighbour had even build a construction to use the hammock in is home. "You can borrow it to see if you like it." Awesome!

(I love the fact that my neighbours in general are positive about what I do. "Oh, wow, you rent out your toilet. How much is it?")

What else? Today, I'm arranging my first Hoffice. So there are five people (including me) with laptops spread out in the apartment. Soon we'll have a lunch break. It's nice to get some company. (And it helps me spend less time on Facebook. ;-) ) I also got my drill back, four and a half months later... (which is fine, I didn't need it during that time anyway)

I just had a Japanese Airbnb guest here, she left this morning. So when these Hoffice people started dropping in she was having breakfast (salmon and apple pie (not as in a pie with salmon and apple)) and we talked a little about her job as an aid worker in Ethiopia. Then her friend came to pick her up. The two Mexican women (mother and daughter) who arrived yesterday went out for breakfast. All in all it means I've already had eight people here today, and it's only noon!

Which is great. Even though there are occasions when I wish I could have a little more privacy... "Hey, my bed is a hammock and there are two Japanese women having a cray fish party in the kitchen and two Mexicans upstairs. Wanna hang out in the attic?"


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