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Day 267: Alternative lifestyles

What type of person hurries into the kitchen, makes a dry martini with two olives and grinds a really nice piece of entrecôte in an old fashioned meat grinder? And then makes two hamburgers with lots of mayonnaise and that artificial cheddar cheese wrapped in plastic? Than eats it all, with the martini, leaves the kitchen in a mess and then rushes out again.

Well, I don't know, but apparently I'm that type. And why not, the burgers turned out to be the best I have ever had. The martini was excellent too. And I had to hurry to be in time for the movie* I had bought tickets to.

But maybe the German couple who, in their pajamases, were having an omelette and a pile of raw veggies when I came in, found it a bit... unusual. At least they must have thought I have the most unhealthy lifestyle ever. Since they arrived today and didn't see me eat granola, carrots, herbal tea and cod liver (I'm not making this up) all the other days of the week.

Anyway, we had a little chat about outsourcing, the German Mittelstand and human resource policies before I had to rush. (Nice and social guests for the third time in a week!)

It was all highly improvised, but turned out to be a great recipe for an excellent Friday evening. Martini, entrecôte burgers, a good movie and two Germans in pajamases.

* The movie was great, Captain Fantastic, strongly recommended if you like wilderness, alternative lifestyles, freedom or Viggo Mortensen. Need I say, this is my favourite genre. The only disappointment was the audience, who, judging from the lack of reactions, didn't know neither Noam Chomsky nor Gleen Gould's interpretations of the Goldberg variations nor Guns, Germs and Steel.



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