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Day 272: I'm giving away spirulina

Hm, funny, I just heard one of the guests (a woman) upstairs get out from the bedroom, into the bathroom and pee without closing the door to the bathroom. I was in the kitchen and clearly heard what was going on. Not that I mind really, but it was surprising. I would never do it myself, in a stranger's home, with another stranger in the guest room next door. It's interesting where different people draw the line for their personal integrity.

Anyway, I was going to write about something else. I just tried a new app, Olio. It's a bit similar to LeftOverSwap, an app for giving away food. Olio has been available in the UK since January and has just launched in Sweden.

I couldn't really find a lot of food that I didn't want to keep. But this spirulina powder is supposed to be healthy, but tastes terrible, so I won't eat it. But it's pretty expensive, so if anyone want's it it's yours.

It'll be interesting to see if it will work. I can imagine a lot of people would think it's a good idea not to waste food, but to give it away instead. On the other hand you can't keep most food for too long, which could be a problem.

So far there are very few items in the app in Sweden. A bottle of Caesar dressing in Stockholm. A jar of thyme and one of white pepper in Malmö. A jar of nescafé in Halmstad.

Even in the UK there doesn't seem to be a lot to choose from. And people give away weird stuff they don't want to eat themselves: salmon paste; bubble gum lollipops; tinned potatoes. Well, like I did.

What do you think, will it work?


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