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Day 24: 42 guest nights - a complete nightmare?

Wow, a whole korean family will come and stay here for four nights next week, mum, dad and their little son. That'll be super nice!

This means that in January there will have been guests sleeping here 42 nights (including a couple of friends, but not the toddler). Theoretically, since both rooms that I rent out can take two guests, there could have been 124 guest nights in January (well, theoretically, people could have been sleeping on the couch too), but most guests come alone, and the beginning of the month was a bit slow. 

But still, I can imagine that 42 guest nights sounds like a complete nightmare to a lot of people. Anyone who has experienced friends or family that overstay know what I mean. The thing with Airbnb guests though is that they don't expect you to cook for them or arrange activities all the time. Actually I think people would be surprised to see how calm and quiet my apartment is most of the time, given all the guests.

I often work from home during the days, when most of the guests are out doing other things. And in the evening they often have plans, or spend time in their rooms reading or working. Some of them cook food, but most of them only make an occasional cup of tea.

So even though I enjoy the company and like talking to the guests, I also have a lot of time for myself. I probably spend less time with my guests than most people spend watching TV or Netflix (which I don't). And I definitely prefer doing this.

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