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Day 25: Push-up panties within 3 km


Since I've already got great abs I don't need the ab-roller that my mum gave me for Christmas one year.

Which at least was a better gift than the green wig she gave me another year - don't ask me why! Well, green is one of my favorite colors, but when am I supposed to wear this thing?!

And oh, this year she wanted to give me a lot of toilet paper "since you're usually out of it" - which is so not true. Even though I'd hate getting bad Airbnb reviews because "the place was great but she was constantly out of toilet paper".

Well, anyway... Instead of trying to rent the ab-roller out, which seemed like a hassle - "Oh, you can use it one hour for 5 kronor" - I decided to sell it using the app Shpock. It was very easy, and cost me nothing to make an ad. I put the price 50 SEK. And to my surprise! someone gave me an offer within an hour - 35 SEK. Ok, I'll take it. We both agreed on a deal.

But here comes the tricky part. We have to meet to exchange the ab-roller for the money. So we chat in the app, he starts by asking:

- Where can you meet?

- Somewhere near the central station? Tomorrow, Monday?

- Okay tomorrow.

- Ok, what time? I'd prefer to do it during the day if that works for you.

Then nothing.

I send a new message today. "Hi, tonight is ok too. Or tomorrow. Would be great to get this done."

Now I feel I'm pushing the limit for how much work I want to do for 35 kr. I could just give the damn thing away. This is frustrating. I want the actual transaction to work as quickly as it did on the web page. What if he decided he didn't need it? How long should I wait until I make a new ad for it? If I hear nothing I'll try again tomorrow.

Speaking of pushing... one thing that I like about the app is that you can see how far away the things you're interested in are. I might be prepared to pay 35 kr for a used ab-roller in my neighbourhood, but not if I need to go 10 kilometers to get it.

So, for example, within 3 km i can find a pair of push up panties - didn't even know these things existed! - for 100 kr. It doesn't say if they're used or not though... That seems like an important piece of information.

And oh, just in case you read this mum, I don't want these for Christmas!!

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