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Day 4: How to say hospital in Swedish

You know those French movies? People talking, talking, talking. Either you love them or you hate them. I love them. I basically love everything French for some reason. The food, the language, the culture, the sea, the mountains or that people bring their dogs to restaurants and drink wine in the streets. (Which is more or less illegal where I live.) And my dream is to be able to have one of those conversations in French.

But it takes a lot of practicing to get better. A lot! Fortunately there's a MeetUp group for French conversation where i live. I think those groups are a great example of how new technology make it easier for people to connect and to share things with each other, in this case their time and knowledge.

Tonight I got there too late though, just in time for the Swedish conversation to start. So instead of practicing my French I, who turned out to be the only native speaker of Swedish, tried to learn native French speakers how to say "Au revoir", "Je m'appelle" or "Enchanté" in Swedish. Or how to pronounce "sjukhus" (hospital) or "lördag" (Saturday). 

Since I don't have great pedagogic skills it was a challenge for me too. But I guess it's only fair I share some of my knowledge in Swedish since i expect them to do the same in French.