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About living one year in the sharing economy…

Day 5: Time to get to work

This is my expected earnings from Airbnb for January so far (560 Euro or 600 USD). Which is far from what I need to make a living... So I've decided to rent out one more room - my bedroom. Where would I sleep? In the dining room where I'd sleep on a mattress until I've installed a sofa bed.

I have a four room apartment, so there's definitely room for more people. And at the moment I'm only renting out one of the bedrooms. (By the way, here's my first listing.) To have two listings would make a great difference economically. But since all my guests (twelve so far) have been very quiet and tidy and mostly kept to themselves, I also feel that it would be nice to have more people here to get some company. 

In other words, on today's to-do list: taking nice photos of my bedroom and then list it on Airbnb.

And I have to make the bed and vacuum the floors in the guest room, since my second guest of the year is arriving, all the way from the US.