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Day 291: Hope she enjoyed the algae!

I didn't really think that anyone would want to get the spirulina powder that I was giving away via Olio. Especially since I said "I'm giving it away because I don't like it". (Honestly, the taste is horrible.) And since I had even opened the bag and poured it into an old spaghetti sauce jar.  And also since the app is just launched in Sweden, and I guess very few people have heard about it. 

But I was wrong, it didn't take long before someone asked for it. She even came to my door to pick it up. I was a little bit late. Fortunately the son of the super nice American couple was in the apartment playing the piano (and he was so good at it!) so at least she had some entertainment while waiting. 

Now I will try to give away some apples. 

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