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Day 292: Ridesharing, apples and new guests

Finally, for the first time this year I found someone who wanted to do ride sharing from Uppsala to Stockholm. And since I wanted to try it I had to get up at six to get the ride at seven. Everything worked great! It was a nice guy who picked me up close to where I live and didn't even want to get paid. But I still gave him some money for gas and some apples. 

He had thought about that most cars you see on the high way have no passengers and decided to offer to add his trips in the GoMore app. Nice initiative! Hope more do the same. 

At lunch I gave a talk about my project at Epicenter, a start up hub in Stockholm. It's always very interesting to hear the comments from the audience and to meet new people. Today I got in contact with two sharing services that I haven't used so far. Awesome!

After that I went home (train this time) to clean a guest room and meet the new guests for today, two Australian guys who booked earlier today (unusally late). They sleep in the guest room with a 1.20 m bed: "we are happy to share a bed because we are good mates but we are not gay". 

And then someone came to get some of the apples I posted in Olio yesterday. Wow, this app was just launched in Sweden and seems to work pretty well already. It would be interesting to know if their marketing is different from that of other apps?